Friday, 14 December 2012

Ghost Pirate Boy (and some talking about visual details)

Nice, really nice! I've received some answers about what details are and how you're supposed to use them to draw attention and all of them where right so, nice work! Unfortunately i had to choose only one and the best answer was the following:

Ian Bourlin (Drakath) says:

  • You can use detail to show concentration parts, to create a focus point, to create a very neat outline work, to show what is the main object / character in the drawing.
    For concentrated parts, eg: a human face, if the drawing is to show a stare, either both or one of the eye can be drawn detailed while other remain blurry or not so neat.
    Focus point can be shown through the same technique.
    Neat outline work usually involves mecha, where small detail matters, or a skyline view of a big city.
    In a messy drawing condition, EG: crowded with people, people / things around the main character / object can be not so detailed, while the details goes to the main character where it can be clearly seen / stand out. Quite similar to focus point and concentrated.

    Correct! But what are visual details? Well most of you told me that details are marks and scratches or the quantity of something... well all those answers where... Wrong! :D Well not wrong because sure of course scratches and marks or stains and something like that are details but the correct answers is: variation of light!

    Here's an example:

    As you can see in the selected region (and pretty much in the whole paint)  i'm not really drawing anything but the light variation alone is enough to trick your brain to think that there's something going on there. So the next time you're going to observe something think about it, you would be surprised on how much that you think is a complex detail can be simplified with a variation of light in a painting ;)

    Oh  yeah, Ian wanted me to teach him how to make a painting starting from a linedrawing! So in the next days i will post a step by step tutorial based on one of his drawings, with some video too ;) Grats man!

    And now... Enjoy the Ghost Pirate Boy!

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