Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sup people? Sad news those days around, my pc is flat dead. Probably the mobo or the cpu are gone (maybe together) and i can't do anything about it. I'm drawing on paper in the mean time and it's kinda... weird. It's been years since my last paper drawing and i have to get used to it a little bit again. Until then i'll keep showing you some digital sketches (i can't use this machine to draw right now, i'll explain why the next time) but it won't be on daily basis, i'm sorry about that.
Anyway today sketch is something i was practicing before the pc issue, some sort of alien life form that is still fascinating for human eyes. I've figured out that most sci fi life form we see in movies or videogames are not meant to interfere with our vision or senses, with our likings. The idea came from a book that i was reading days ago that talks about our genetic preferences. I'll explain this better on the next post, the previous sketches too are done with the same topic in mind btw.

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