Saturday, 21 July 2012

PC Specs for Digital Painting

Hello there, i'm officially waiting the package! I've made the order and i'm going to have a new pc in 2 weeks! I'm really happy with that so i've decided to talk a little about what kind of pc you need in order to do 2d digital art. First of all you're going to use A LOT OF RAM . The dimension required today for illustration, concept art and comics in general is in function of the medium your client is going to use. In general illustration and comics are for printing purpose and concept art is much more for indication to the production team. In most cases the dpi (dots per inch) are reduced to 1 (when there are no text fonts involved in a design program) and the canvas is calculated purely by height and width, 1 per pixel, cause the resolution must hold if you're watching the art on a small screen, on a big screen, on a giant print on the wall etc. This means that the files today are reaching an enormous dimension, on average 10000px, so those files today are holding a space of 6-10 gigs of ram if you're going to use lots of texture or layers in general. This is why you're going to need a lot of ram, in future probably the size of those files is going to grow up so if you're going to buy a pc today for digital painting you need at least 16 gigs of ram (this is why i took 32). Talking about the other pieces for your machine you need to be sure to have enough power to keep your system multitasking freely cause everyone of us is always switching between the drawing program and informations on the web, references and all that kind of stuff. The last thing to not forget about is a fast hard disk to load programs and files in the shortest times (so an SSD even small should be fine) and for the sake of yourself a BACKUP SYSTEM and a UPS! As a backup system i suggest a software solution, the hardware solutions (like a Nas or something) are not cheap and there's no need for that if you don't have to share something between your personal network. I prefer a software solution for myself, i've got a simple but efficient program that takes the files i told him and creates a backup where i want to so i just need to setup the program for the first time and make him do the backups in my 3 hard disks all by himself, so you don't need to worry about anything (the software i use is called Allway Sync i paid 20$ for this). For the ones of you that don't know what's an UPS in short is a battery that keeps your pc going for some minutes when there's a black out so you can save your work and shut down you machine in safety. That's pretty much what you need, as always if there's something else you want to know about the topic just leave a message, i will answer!

Oh i was forgetting, here's something to hold on the sketches!

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